As the nation’s largest commercial real estate firm for restaurants, we specialize in tenant representation for both independent & franchise restaurant businesses. We work with independent restaurant operators, restaurant franchisees & franchisors to select sites that fit their unique profile.

While this process differs based on your unique circumstances, our services always include:

  • A clear, written agreement that our firm solely represents the interests of your restaurant
  • A site selection process based on your unique concept, business model and your target demographics
  • Lease negotiations with potential landlords of both first & second generation restaurant space
  • Comprehensive demographic studies
  • Drafting and review of your Letter of Intent
  • Complete review of your final lease document prior to signing so that you understand every aspect

The Leasing Process:

Leasing a restaurant property can be a complex transaction that is best handled by professional representation. Our team of experienced commercial real estate brokers are dedicated to structuring the most favorable lease terms possible in the marketplace. Our process is based on more than 40 years of experience.

  1. Initial Consultation
  2. Define the project and determine capital requirements
  3. Review of client’s financial statements
  4. A written exclusive buyer/tenant representation agreement
  5. Extensive review of target demographics & needs of concept
  6. Identify potential site locations suitable for the concept
  7. Client obtains project cost estimates
  8. Preparation of Letter of Intent, detailing lease terms
  9. Conduct due diligence, including zoning and usage requirements
  10. Address and remove contingencies of lease
  11. Review of final lease documents
  12. Lease execution