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Our Team – National Restaurant Properties

Our Team

Our Team

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Sherman Walters


I spent 5 years as a broker/agent in Charlotte before opening the Greenville office – being mentored by one of the legends in our industry. In that short span of time, I successfully closed over $6 Million in transactions with both independent and franchise restaurants. These deals included nearly every restaurant concept, including – Asian Fusion, Pizzerias, Fine Dining, Latin Fusion, Catering Companies, BBQ Joints, Grills, Cocktail Bars, Night Clubs, Dive Bars, Bakeries & Coffee Shops.

My success as a broker boils down to one simple rule – be honest with people, tell the truth and always do the right thing. It’s really no different than the Golden Rule. There’s really no feeling like seeing someone buy their first business or helping an operator grow and get to the next level – or seeing someone pass the torch of their life’s work onto someone else.

I grew up in the restaurant business and took over my family’s business shortly after college. So I know the sacrifices, hardships and joys that small business operators endure. I’ve been there - successful and not so successful. I have immense respect for the people that get up every day and fight the battles and overcome the challenges that this business dishes out – but knowing they wouldn’t want to be anywhere else!

My restaurant experience includes owning & operating two Dairy Queen Franchises in the Charlotte area for 15 years before joining the National Restaurant Properties team. During that time I served on a number of boards within the Dairy Queen system, representing other franchisees on decisions related to supply chain, vendor contracts, menu optimization, marketing, fund-raising and store development strategies throughout the U.S.

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