Real Estate Broker vs Restaurant Broker

Whether you are expanding or selling your restaurant or bar concept, you may be asking yourself whether you’d be best served by a real estate broker or a restaurant broker? At National Restaurant Properties, we make the answer pretty easy – why wouldn’t you want both?

We serve our customers in both worlds. You may not know right now whether you want to purchase another restaurant for a conversion or whether you want to build your vision from scratch – and that’s okay. We can guide you through both scenarios and take an honest look at what challenges & costs are associated with each.

But the true value of National Restaurant Properties is not that we can simply assist you with both options – our assets are the experiences that our brokers rely on to help you decide which option is best.

We aren’t just brokers – we have spent years in the restaurant business ourselves and bring to the table a uniquely different perspective. We’ve done everything in the business from slinging drinks and flipping burgers to negotiating vendors and managing staff.

You’re a restaurant professional and you have a vision. What you need is someone that can see what you see – but help you navigate through the most cost-efficient real estate strategies. We bring a set of skills to your team that other brokers simply can’t match.

That’s us – that’s National Restaurant Properties.

















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